Acupuncture meets the needs of the athlete by providing powerfully effective, personalized, non-pharmaceutical and non-surgical care in the areas your body needs it most. Put simply, acupuncture works.

  • Injuries are prevented by promoting neurological and cardiovascular balance and supporting homeostasis;
  • Should an injury arise, acupuncture regulates nerve conduction and microcirculation in the area of inflammation to speed the healing process;
  • Working at the source of the pain, acupuncture decreases inflammation and helps to increase range of motion. It also works to decrease pain by stimulating endogenous opioids, or endorphins, to provide rapid, and often long-lasting, relief. Patients usually feel relief after the first treatment;
  • Energy and endurance issues are addressed by focusing energy towards the liver and lung function, as well as the digestive system;
  • Post-game acupuncture treatments minimize muscle fatigue and pain, enhance energy, and facilitate rapid recovery. This is especially important for the serious athlete with many games within a relatively short time frame;

Whether as a preventative, a moderating force or a cure, acupuncture stimulates your internal resources against disability and pain. It is an invaluable treatment, one that manages the body's built-in energy to protect itself. By accessing your own physiological response, acupuncture is the perfect adjunct to athletic training: while being medically effective, it is has no harmful side-effects and can be used regularly for a lifetime. And isn't that how long you'd like to remain physically active and well?

Professional and serious amateur athletes worldwide use acupuncture to manage and prevent injuries, relieve pain, and regulate the nervous system for optimal physiologic function. Studies conducted by the US National Institutes of Health, the World Health Organization and research bodies worldwide have consistently shown that acupuncture is a safe and effective tool to use in dealing with pain and treating injury all over the body, as well as supporting optimal wellness.


  • Creates flexibility  of the mind and body
  • Strength of the ligaments and joint capsule strength
  • Widens the range of motion of joints – By increasing the synovial fluid flow. The synovial fluid functions to fill the joint and reduce the friction of movement, shock absorb under pressure and transport nutrients and waste in and out of the joint.
  • Keeps joints healthy therefore reducing injury and reducing recovery time – by moving joints to their full range of motion and staying there allows the flow of synovial fluid to actually flow in and out of the joint. Eg) knee injuries: Virasana
  •  Helps to generate focus and awareness – During emotionally stressful times during a game or off the pitch an athlete needs to be able focus to enhance performance.

The use of yoga and acupuncture together has synergizing effects that both simultaneously heal and strengthen the body.

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