Just breathe.

The most important human action is to breathe. 

Breathing is the process that moves air in and out of the lungs to oxygenate the body. Oxygenation in the body is when oxygen travels through the air and into the blood. Oxygen then enables the cells of the body to release energy that has been stored from our food. In turn, allowing the body to use that energy to keep us alive and our bodies functioning as a whole. Once the oxygen is used it leaves us with carbon dioxide a chemical waste.

Take a deep breath in, hold it, now breath out for as long as you physically can.................... every last bit.................Take another deep breath in, hold it, and breath out again the same way.

Feel how much more your lungs can take in, how much more 'waste' it can get rid of. Think how much more energy could be released, think of how much more productive you could be!

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