Acceptance gives growth.

Sitting waiting for a possible flight cancellation should have been frustrating and irritating. However with a changed mindset to one of positive vibes and cool-calm focus, allowed for something called acceptance.

Yes unfortunately the flight was cancelled and yes the next flight is not for a few days. Meaning plans have changed, rules are broken, tanlines will remain and socks will stay on my feet. But I am now able to embark on the journey of the road less taken/unwanted, or more often then not the road that is a lot more bumpy. Nonetheless, the bumpy road is always one of growth. The kind of growth you hadn't expected and most definitely weren't hoping for, but in time (maybe a lot of time) this road will be one to appreciate.

Give way for good vibes and accept exactly where you are. Growth is bound to be on the new turned page, and if you aren't growing you're just dying.