Are we all just like flies?

Ever watched a fly in a room, going around in cirlces like crazy. I am the person who tries to coerce them out of the room and out the window. The minute I come close they seem even more frenzied and after a while they find a place too high or hidden that I leave them alone. Then they wait just long enough before they begin buzzing and zooming once more.

I just saw a fly that has been named Gunnar (all the flies that are alone randomly in my house are Gunnar) but he has been in my home for about 2 days it may not be him this entire time but there has been a fly in the kitchen that stays there untill I start trying to show him the window when he hides again.

Anyway I just saw him find the door and the way he moved out was as if he was shocked to finally get out. He flew into the glass a few times then when he saw open sky he paused for just a moment then flew leisurely away. 

I wonder if that is what our lives are like. We fly around frenzied not listening to anyone especially those nurturing loving voices who are making suggestions for us to go outside and see the 'world'. We push and shove and make annoying noises disturbing people while they sleep, and right up untill the moment we get to the door and see the opening we are stressed and worried and frenzied. And then those who do manage to make it out the door are like "Oh thats right, this was the way" and seem to completely forget all of that stress and worry and frenzy and realise that they spent much too much life missing the calling of their lives. 

Think about this next time you feel the push to do too much!