Dust has cleared.


The past 5 months have been nothing short of full-on and non-stop. I have begun practicing at three locations in Sydney and I also have started teaching some new yoga classes including pre-natal and mums + bubs classes that have been a wonderful experience. 

There is something about coming home to ones home town that feels solemn but sweet and quite chaotic as the dust where one once stood is shaken and stirred until it has cleared. 

I can say the dust feels as though it has just cleared and the space where I once stood although different feels once more like home.

The idea that the dust has cleared and not settled is one that I find important to focus on. When the dust settles all that was once there is still there just as it was stagnant and still, just in a different place on the same floor.
When you shake the rug you move the dust but when you vacuum it and throw the dustbag in the bin, that dust is no longer in your space it has moved on and your space is clear for you to open it up and create a new dust, a more fresh and clear dust, that at some point or another will also need to be vacuumed and thrown away, but for now it will be here nourishing you for a time. 

Life is happening around me at a much faster pace then I have been used to. Sweden was full of learning and growing and traditions and special days but I was able to focus on the small things more. Now, there is a constant feeling of jumping and falling that work in a constant flux of each other. My main focus is finding my feet and figuring out what I want and where I am hoping to go. It is a grand experience, this one of flying. I suggest everyone does it sometime. Just jump and go and see where it takes you, see what opens up for you. You will always be suprised just how exhilirating it is when you jump (or fall) and yet you begin to fly. Like taking a new step at work, changing your lunch spot or adding something like meditation or learning the guitar to your daily routine. 

I urge to to jump, and trust that there is gravity on earth which will always help you to find your feet!