Food shopping.

We are so tough on ourselves when it comes to making 'good', 'healthy' food. It need not be that hard. The first step is to make good educated decisions about what you are going to put in your body. Where do you start? You start with what you buy at the shops.

Here are a few tips that have been said time and time again but if you're here maybe now it's time to start acting.

  1. Fresh is best: This means buying fresh vegetables, fruits, nuts, herbs and seeds that still look like they are vegetables, fruits, nuts, herbs and seeds. (If you want to deface them later do it yourself!) Be well aware too that fresh foods these days aren't necessarily what you think they are. Buy from a local green grocer or start your own garden! (Future post to come about how to create your very own garden from the grower of The Phillipine Organic Garden Project.)
  2. Eat something before you go shopping! Or drink a glass of water.
  3. Make a list and check it twice: How many times have you gone to the shops, realised you're not sure what you want except for "dinner" you then find yourself being rung around 'their' (the shops) little finger being persuaded by pretty colours and flashy things. Before you know it you have more plastic in your trolley then food.
    So, when you head to the shops have an idea of what it is you are going to eat for the next 2-3 days and then take time to write the list of fresh ingredients that you need. An easy way of writing a list is to write down what you need for each meal, aiming to use most of the ingredients you buy within the 3 days.
  4. Make things yourself: It is shockingly really not that hard. I used to go straight for the tzaztiki that I knew and loved without ever thinking what was in it or that I could make it myself and it could actually taste awesome! Find recipes. Check out FitFeeds or search they have pretty pictures and you get such a range of different things.
  5. Know what you are buying: If you must buy things that are packaged choose things with ingredients that you understand. If you must, and there are more than 3 code words make an educated decision that you are killing yourself faster.
  6. Herbs and spices are key to taste: Being a terrible cook is a thing of the past. Use fresh herbs and spices, possibly check a recipe or use trial and error. The more you try the better you become. The feeling of satisfaction after mixing all sorts of things together and it ends up tasting great is unquestionably one of the best feelings.
  7. Don't scare yourself into eating what you are supposed to. It is so important to find what is good for you. What is going to create the best energy for your mind, body and soul? It might not be what your best friend tells you is good for her. This is something that makes you feel great, not something that makes you hate yourself afterwards. Something that actually makes you feel energised. Remember the whole reason we eat is to keep our bodies energised. 
  8. Enjoy eating well. Making time to eat smaller portions, eating better food more often, and keeping yourself away from nasty unnecessary extras can really change the way you view yourself from the inside out.

Now go and really enjoy your next meal!