How can Chinese Medicine help me?

Chinese medicine is all about balance. The sole focus for a practitioner of chinese medicine is to rebalance. So if you have any form of inbalance/ailment/illness in your body, mind or spirit seeking help from a chinese medicine practitioner can be effective.

From a scientific perspective (meta-analysis or systematic review)
"General international agreement has emerged that acupuncture appears to be effective for postoperative dental pain, postoperative nausea and vomiting, and chemotherapy-related nausea and vomiting. For migraine, low-back pain, and temporomandibular disorders the results are considered positive by some and difficult to interpret by others. For a number of conditions such as fibromyalgia, osteoarthritis of the knee, and tennis elbow the evidence is considered promising, but more and better quality research is needed. For conditions such as chronic pain, neck pain, asthma, and drug addiction the evidence is considered inconclusive and difficult to interpret. Reviews have concluded that while not free from serious adverse events, they are rare and that acupuncture is a relatively safe procedure.(1)"
These ailments have been researched under regimented controls and portray unbiased results.

Other ailments that people use chinese medicine for include: stress, emotional disharmonies, womens health including infertility both male and female, digestive problems, common colds, sleep disorders and fatigue.

The fact is traditional chinese medicine (TCM) has its roots in an ancient philosophical realm, a place where demons and ghosts were thought to be the cause of our evils. TCM has come a long way and whilst maintaining its essence it has molded into a model of 'whole' systems medicine. A system that aims to heal the mind, body and spirit. To find the underlying cause of an imbalance/ illness and treat it at its core. We do not focus on treating the symptoms. The medicines and treatments you receive continually evolve depending on an array of different factors, eg) the season, where you are in your cycle and what stage of life you are entering. 

The point in sharing this information is because it is difficult to know exactly what parts of the system are working more then others. Treatments in chinese medicine are very individual and are based around a completely different paradigm to the one we are using to 'understand' /research it. 
To construct randomised controlled trials of TCM, that cover all bias is extremely difficult. 
In the mean time practitioners like myself are going back to school to do this rigorous study to find a way to demonstrate the results that we see in our clinics every day.

So, how can chinese medicine help you?
It can help you gain a clearer picture of what is going on in your 'whole' body and give you control and tools to re-balance and maintain health from the inside out. It can also relieve your symptoms as a bi-product!