Organi cup - womens special

Searching for a way to take care of your monthly flow, that is environmentally friendly, economically friendlier and good for you?

Lets look at our bodies, firstly it is called a menstrual flow. Meaning it is meant to flow freely and leisurely out of your body. The flow should be as if someone turned on a tap and allowed it to drip for 4-6days and then turned it off. No pain, no discomfort, no clots, no darkness, this ideal is unrealistic for most, but it is how nature intended it. A clearing of the excess that was formed to house a baby. 

So what do we currently use to 'clean up' our flow,

  • Pads: The idea of pads is a good one it allows the 'flow' to flow and thanks to modern day business the sizes vary accomodating to different women and their needs, but alot of women find them uncomfortable/smelly and messy and have opted away from pads. 
  • Tampons: Are considered mess free and easy, but the focus on soaking and plugging the 'flow' is not ideal for the bodies natural process of clearing. Not only this but there is also the very real problem of Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS). Makes you wonder what might the tampon be releasing before it becomes a problem?
  • Menstrual cup: No soaking just collecting. Although it doesn't allow the 'flow' to move out of the body it does allow it to be taken care of without the toxic side effects, and the cleanliness and comfortable factors are in tact also.

When you crunch the numbers women spend around $7 a month on tampons and pads. That is around $84/ year and on average we 'flow' for around 42 years (between the ages of 12 and 54), so a minimum total, lifetime expense of $3500 per female is expected. When you look at it like that the cost seems okay, but when you look at the cost of a menstural cup, this cost is insane! A menstrual cup costs around $25 and lasts for about 10 years! That means what you would spend in one year just now, could be the cost for your whole lifetime of 'flow'.

If we are then to look at the environment, each month we use between 20-40 tampons and menstrual pads, per year this looks like 240-480 and in our lifetime of 'flow' we're looking at around 15 000 tampons and/or menstrual pads per female. That is an enourmously sick amount of landfill when you think that there are 3,418,059,380 women on our earth! 


So 51,270,890,700,000 used tampons and pads could exist on our earth within the next 42years!

This number really speaks for itself and should give us all an incentive to do something about the waste we are producing. So even if the menstrual cup sounds a little strange it is worth a try!  

Try it out today!