Organic food... Just an idea..

A battle that is not worth the battle, it’s worth the life it gives. Growing food with a conscious effort for our earth and environment has to make a difference to our wellbeing whether it has been scientifically proven or not.

Most of the research we can get our hands on doesn't give us much hard evidence that organic food is actually better for us. The evidence could actually exist, but it may be watered down.

But if one was to suggest that you thought logically for a moment, this is what you might think…. 

If you were to grow something with your sole focus being to grow mass amounts of food, you’re not thinking about the environmental effects of your actions, or the effects on the soil that are being deliberately dosed in chemical pesticides to keep bugs and other animals away. You are however thinking that when you spray your pesticides you must be covered head to toe in chemical-resistant protective gear, so as to not be contaminated.

Compare this food creating source to one where soil is nurtured to work well systemically in a relationship with the earth around it, with the knowledge that a whole is greater than the sum of its parts. With a focus on design and synergy to minimize waste, human labor, and energy inputs to reach maximal benefits and even with all the fluff you can start to see why there is such a fuss around the latter source of creating food.

What food do you choose?

Growing organically is growing without the use of chemical pesticides and fertilizers and free from genetic engineering. It is working WITH nature, using the natural resources of soil, air, water and sunlight to make the best foods. Allowing the food to ripen and grow to its potential, so we are able to get the most out of our food.

Plants that grow in healthy soils are healthy plants full of nutrients and have the natural resources to grow well. It surely has the same effect on our bodies?!

Something I feel most forget are that we are on a renegade against nature to find out how she works. Questions to ask yourself; How do you test the bioavailability (how much of the food we eat, the body uses) of a food source once it has entered the body? Is in-vitro testing really demonstrating the strengths or weaknesses this food has on the body? How can you see how much good stuff or nutrition is actually absorbed from particular food sources into the body? Should we count everything with numbers? Is there not more to food and health then what each part should and could do? Are we really equal to the sum of our parts or are we synergistically connected to each and everything? Too deep?!

Everything seems to come back to ‘scientific evidence’ the truth is the evidence exists. So while we wait for the numbers to come in lets connect ourselves to the cycles of nature and eat locally grown, seasonal, cared for foods. Foods that looks, smells and tastes like food, food that is produced with an eye on its environment, food that makes us feel good and energized, and food that our bodies want more of.

And live great, cared for, loving lives!