As the buzz of babies has hit the air of health house, how many people actually think about what goes in to making a great baby?

Being the alternative health option we see many people that are struggling to make a baby the way every other over worked, malnourished with food and love, couple is getting the job done; and then once you have tried for 6months with no prevail you are told that your bodies (man and woman) are not able to make a baby. So it is time to seek out the options:

Option 1: In vitro fertilisation (IVF) 
Option 2: Inuterine insamination (IUI)
Option 3: Surrogate mother
Option 4: Adoption
Option 5: Take care of yourselves!

It may seem suprising but option 5 is really that. The option at the end of the list. How about for a minute everyone forgot about the trouble in making a baby and thought about how to make the best one!

What do you need to do to make a great child?

Well firstly both you and your partner need to be healthy, right? But what does being healthy even mean?

Does it mean that you only eat organic locally grown fresh foods, or sleep from 9pm - 2am each and every night to catch your yin time, or does it mean that you need to start spiritually enhancing activities to ground your-self and connect with your soul and your partner on a deeper level?

Healthy could mean all of these above, but it could mean that you eat fresh food regularly, you sleep 8 hours per night, you wake feeling refreshed, you exercise enough for you, you drink enough water, you feel strong and most importantly you are happy! 

If both of you have healthy down pat and you still seem to have troubles come in and see us at Health house a few tweeks might be needed.

If you're not quite there yet give us a call and we'll give you hints and tips about how to get to healthy, starting with manipulating your energy flow. This ensures that both your bodies are ready to create the most beautiful bundle of joy as well as look after this growing being for years and years to come. 

The focus in all health care in regards to making babies should be focused on making the best ones, and giving the whole family the best chance of survival. Ponder on this for a moment..