The best lover is the kind that takes out the rubbish without being asked!

Valentine’s Day is coming and people are starting to show how much they love one another.

For people in relationships there is always the problem of deciding what to do or what to give her/him to show them how much you love them? The day in itself is almost like NewYearsEve or Christmas or any other big holiday that has become an international celebration; too much hype and not enough real love. 
The best part about Valentine’s Day is it is focused around love. So even if you are giving ridiculously and it's not truly from the heart, the love of the day somehow creeps in and makes everything rosy coloured.

Now instead of thinking too much about what to give or where to go out for dinner with every other loved up couple in your town, think about the little things.

For example like the love you feel for your other half when: 

  • come home and dinner is ready.
  • can see the dishes need to be done and you know that it's your turn and they just get up and start doing them.
  • get an extra kiss or a tighter hug.
  • get to play your favourite game without being questioned.
  • feel hopeless and stressed and they give you the better pillow.
  • ....your clothes have been on the living room floor for 2 days and they havn’t told you to pick them up, but you know they've noticed.
  • know your favourite tv-show/game is on at the same time as theirs and they agree to watch your tv-show/game without you even asking.
  • ....they make time to have sex even though they feel tired.
  • ....they take your good news to a whole other level by congratulating you and asking you all about it.
  • ....they use the toilet brush after they are finished.

These are all little victories, little signs that love really exists, little signs that show they love you and that they are willing to do the little things. These are signs of a keeper.

If these aren't your little victories spend some time on Valentine’s Day writing down a list of the little things you see as victories. It is quite common that your other half has no idea what it is you wish they did, and even though we think it's awesome when someone reads our mind, it really is difficult and can be very stressful for both parties. On the side, do not focus on the reason behind the deed, next time you question why they did something so sweet just know it is the love and go on with your happy loving day. 


Feel the love every day, and remember to treat everyone the way you want to be treated and your little victories will be endless!