The purpose of life.......

A thirteen year old is well aware of how happiness and health are the two most important parts of our adult lives. Why are we missing it? Why do we constantly strive for the things we don't have and in the long run don't need?

Education is the key, love is the glue and people are the force. 

Force + love + keys = a very sticky explosion of awesomeness! 

Go find your keys, build your love from the inside and feel the force from the love on the outside. Take a moment to come back inside, close the doors and sit with yourself. It is almost crazy how hard that is for most of us.

But what can I do?

An easy solution to get yourself back there is to take up yoga! Find the right teacher and class for you remember we are all quite different in the way we think and perceive things. You need not think about what you are doing at the beginning but before long you will find you have reconnected with yourself. Through a yoga class you remain concious the entire time as you twist and stretch and mold your body, you stay connected with your breath and centre your mind on the job at hand.

Before you know it you have worked harder then you ever thought possible. You have sweated more then ever and you have stretched all those ligaments allowing for a problem free 'healthy' ride.

Get yourself into gear and enjoy yourself today from the inside out.