The Union - The business behind getting high.

Something a little bit different. 

This post isn't just about maintaining health but about being aware and conscious in this world. I've never been much into the movement of making marijuana legal but after watching this documentary "The Union" and realising that there seems to be one common denominator with every thing not quite right in the world I thought it would be indecent of me not to mention it.

The one thing that is not quite right you ask?
Is this, big business controls whatever it needs to, to be just that BIG business. How do they maintain being big business you ask? By making too much money! What human quality do you need to want more and more unnecassary things for yourself? GREED! 


Now, Which is the big business that is majorly contributing to not legalising marijuana you ask? You would be right if you thought it was the the biggest business in the whole world!


All because pharmaceutical companies could possibly lose millions of unnecassary dollars, due to a cheaper pain reliever with minimal side effects, if used in moderation.

I am not an advocate for the use of marajuana but I am not against it. I am all about making concious and well educated decisions for your life and your health. Being aware of the 'scientific evidence'  might make you think twice about who is the real enemy? But also question why we are so caught up in this the age of scientific evidence anyway.
Stay true to yourself and open your mind a little bit more. Don't close yourself off to what science tells us is. If you want to know the real answers trust yourself and the cycles of nature that have come and gone over and over throughout the ages.

Take a look at the documantary! Make up your own mind.