What can I expect from a Chinese medicine treatment?

You can expect to be....

  • Listened to
  • Cared for
  • Respected

All treatments are slightly different, the same way no two people are exactly alike. The most important aspect is that you feel looked after.

Most treatments range from 2 - 7 sessions depending on what is out of balance and how long you have had the problem. In Chinese hospitals people are treated every day untill they are better or with the change of the season to maintain health. In our western world we are lucky if we see someone twice a week for a few weeks. So taking these factors into account is some what necessary for your own expectations of treatment.

Expect to talk about things that are normally kept to yourself for example your bowel motions and/or your sex life. It is also useful to become acquainted with your current diet, energy ebs and flows, mood changes, sleep patterns, woman cycles, and your exercise regime.

Be prepared to  be laying down for 30-45 minutes, chances are you will receive moving cupping massage and/or acupuncture.
An acupuncture needle is incredibly thin. On insertion there can be a prick sensation, followed by a feeling of heaviness, ache/throb or electrical sensation. The needle should not feel sharp after it has been inserted. Sometimes needles are manipulated to create a sensation, other times they are left to work. 

Bad side effects of needling are rare but can include bruising or irritation around the site of the needle once removed. There is also a sensation of relaxation or tiredness that most people feel after a session. I'll often recommend that you take it easy after a session and refrain from exercise or excess working.

It is of the upmost importance that you feel you receive quality care in a respectful envirnoment. Everything that is said during your treatment is confidential.