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In very basic terms acupuncture is the use of tiny needles to stimulate energy all over the body. These stimulations catalyst the natural healing processes of the body. Each point instructs your body where and how to do the repair work that is needed. This helps the body to become balanced again.

As a practitioner of chinese medicine we combine certain points into a personalised treatment based on your specific health needs.
So your body begins to function properly, you heal from illness or injury, and you stay well! 

-Covered by all Health funds-

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Herbal Medicine

The system of herbal medicine that developed in China differs in several significant ways from European herbal medicine. The most obvious difference is that the Western herbal tradition focuses on herbs taken by themselves.

In contrast, traditional Chinese herbal medicine (TCHM) makes almost exclusive use of herbal combinations. More importantly, these formulas are not designed to treat symptoms of a specific illness; rather, they are tailored specifically to the individual according to the complex principles of traditional Chinese medicine. For this reason, TCHM is a deeply holistic healing approach.

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Cupping massage

Cupping massage is one of the most wonderfully relaxing treatments. The cup is suctioned to your body by a vacuum that is created by heating up the air inside it. It then not only enhances blood circulation but it also heats up the affected area helping to release tension. 

So it feels like new energy is moving around the body.     



Even after all this time the sun never says to the earth... “You owe me” Look what happens with a love like that, it lights the whole sky.
— Hafiz

Nothing goes beyond feeling changes with our own physical actions. Yoga is an avenue for you to feel and reflect inside, helping you to unblock and clear out what is unnecessary and refill the space with love, light and happiness.

We offer:

  • Private and semi-private sessions.
  • Available in a studio or in the comfort of your own home!
  • Yoga Alliance accredited yoga teachers.